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Equator Coffee Roasters

So I had been waiting on some potentially life-altering news (work-related, not health related) for the last couple of months, something that could and would shake up my life quite a bit.  I’m so happy to say that the news came back positively and I am trying to get back into pretending that someone isn’t holding a giant boulder over my head, ready to drop it at any second.  All this to say, I’m feeling really relieved, and, dare I say it, happy again! 

Which leads me to something else that always leaves me feeling very happy and satisfied: coffee.  I finally paid a visit to my favourite source of locally roasted coffee beans, Equator Coffee Roasters in Almonte, Ontario.  I’ve been buying and using Equator coffee beans for a few years now, ever since I enjoyed my first cup while dining at Heart and Soul Café in Dunrobin, Ontario.  Luckily, I can purchase the beans at a few different shops locally, but I knew that I eventually wanted to visit the Equator’s home base. 

Nestled in a small strip mall just as you enter the town of Almonte, the shop is very modern and sleek, and extremely spacious (the size of the seating area puts all of the Starbucks cafés that I frequent to shame!).  The cafe offers a full range of beverages to satisfy whatever you are craving - I had an iced coffee, which came with the choice of a FREE sweetener of my choice, and I went for the local maple syrup, and the boyfriend enjoyed one of their loose leaf teas, a strawberry white tea.  Both were delicious!  We also tucked into some treats as I cannot resist a homemade biscotti - chocolate pecan - and the boyfriend got a slice of cookie pizza.  Of course, we also could not leave without trying the cake pops - oreo and peanut butter chocolate - which were so soft and decadent.  Upon questioning, we were told that all treats are made locally by friends of the shop! While enjoying the shop, I of course had to pick up a pound of coffee, so I went for the West Coast Roast, which is described as having honeyed caramel and bittersweet chocolate tasting notes.  It is delicious - very full bodied but smooth and rich.

I’m so glad I decided to make the trip to the Equator Coffee shop, and can’t wait to go back!

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