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Hot Belly Mama’s

It sounds cheesy, but one of my life’s passions is trying new restaurants.  So I was excited to not only have a visit with some friends of ours while visiting Peterborough during the recent Victoria Day long weekend, but to also get to try a new restaurant in the process.  The restaurant was recommended by our friends, so I was really pumped!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Peterborough, Hot Belly Mama’s boasts a nicely sized menu with options for everyone.  Their specialty, as you may be able to tell from the catchy name, is New Orleans-inspired dishes with a focus on bbq and cajun cuisine.  We scored a table in the front patio area, which sits just next to the sidewalk allowing for ample people watching (and with the hipster student crowd alive and mighty in Peterborough, there’s definitely a lot of interesting people to watch as they roam George Street!)

Originally enticed by the daily specials (one boasted a salad with many delicious veggies), after carefully perusing the lunch menu, I decided to go for a regular menu item, the En Salade San Francisco.  The boyfriend opted for the Kansas City Pulled Pork on a bun, served with choice of sides (yes, you get two sides!), from which there were lots of good options to choose.  The boyfriend settled on the Stout Baked Beans and Cajun Potatoes for his sides.  

The food was fantastic!  The ingredients in my salad, including the deliciously seasoned chicken (lemon and basil) and smoked salmon, were fresh and plentiful, and the boyfriend’s sandwich was loaded with smoky bbq flavour.  I was super impressed by one of his side dishes as well, the baked beans.  I kept stealing bites!

We will definitely make a return visit to Hot Belly Mama’s, perhaps for dinner, and perhaps bring his parents!

A side note:

After lunch, I was having my usual coffee craving, so I went next door to Natas Cafe to find my caffeine jolt.  A total hipster joint, the offerings were abundant and they had the coolest espresso machine!  (I really wish I had taken a photo of it…I’m so used to the staring at the back of the Starbucks espresso monster machine that looking at this one was like admiring a piece of art!)  Since it was a gorgeous hot day outside, I ordered an iced Americano, and it was tasty.  I definitely spent a few minutes oggling the baked goods while waiting for my drink, but will haveto wait until next time to sample!  The cafe offers a wide range of baked items, sandwiches and other treats, all of which looked amazing!

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