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SuzyQ Doughnuts

As I was mentioning in a previous post, one recent weekend was all about enjoying the little things, including these SuzyQ doughnuts…..mmmmmmmmmm, doughnuts!

Fresh, hot, chewy and oh so delicious, SuzyQ’s doughnuts are not to be missed.  We scarfed down three in the parking lot on our visit: blueberry buttermilk; lime margarita (non-alcoholic of course); and caramel skor.  Our favourite was the lime margarita as it was just so flavourful - you could see the little bits of what we assumed were grated lime rind and it was sprinkled with fleur de sel, just like a salt-rimmed margarita glass!  I truly hope that this little business continues to be a success so we can be treated to these little gems!

Read the story of how SuzyQ’s came to be on Ottawa Magazine's website here.  Follow SuzyQ’s Doughnut on Twitter here.

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